The Manager of Villa Puri Dewata Anak Agung Ni Ketut Putri Mulianti and her son Arya Ananta Nanyin

The owner and the manager of Villa Puri Dewata



Short History of Villa Puri Dewata

Villa “Puri Dewata” was built in 18.08.2001 on a site, which formerly was the paddy fields of a Pak Ketut Desin and his father Pak Nyoman Ganta, both rice growing farmers from Banjar Anyar Kelod. Pak Desin is still a shop owner in the same village. The site on the right side also belonged to the same family and is now a shop owned by Pak Yus from Singaraja. In front of the building are still paddy fields and new villa complexes from Mbak Tutut, a Soeharto daughter and the former foreign minister Ali Alatas. Another project of a german tourist in front failed and has been build up by an Italian millionaire. But the majority of neighbours are still rice growing farmers, who are heavily dependent on water supply from the mountains. Maybe because of its big trees until now the site is being considered by the inhabitants of the village as “sakti” or holy and there are regular offerings i.a. for the Godess of Rice “Dewi Sri” made around the site.

The building of Villa “Puri Dewata” has been initiated by Anak Agung Ni Ketut Putri Mulianti, a Balinese Highness descendent from the temple and Kingdom of Puri Pemecutan, a former marketing manager of Hotel Dhyanapura in Seminyak and Yusiu Liem a scholar on area studies from Surabaya The first design came from a German architect, Mr. Bernd Reumann from Munich , the next design has been made by a Balinese architect, Ir. Mas Swajaya from the Udayana University Denpasar and the owner . His grandfather is the builder of the first five storey building on Java, Hotel Niagara in Lawang East Java, a famous building built and designed by a Brasilian architect (1908) in “Jugend stil” fashion , the builder of the famous Opera of Manaos in Brasil and mentioned by Bill Dalton in his Travel Guide for Indonesia and Roman Herzog in his Film “Fitzcaraldo” with Klaus Kinski. .

The construction of Villa “Puri Dewata” has been finished on September, 1st 2002, a month before the Bali Bomb blast (12th October 2002) after nearly one year of construction by workers from Karang Asem (Bali). It came into being under very difficult conditions. Construction prices were rocketing as several mafia groups, hedge and security funds decided to settle on Bali for the cause of money laundry and Indonesia still was suffering under the influence of the 1997 monetary crisis and the 1998 political upheavals. The decentralization was another destabilizing factors which affected stability in the villages. Tourism went down from 5 Million persons a year in 2002 to 1,4 Million in the years after 2002.

Villa “Puri Dewata” has been build up by Asian German Consultants (AGC)
an Indonesian consulting office in Germany , in the field of development cooperation as well as in the field of post emergency and relieve projects. The objectives of AGC were not only to setup a business project but also to give inputs to the farmers around, to keep Bali green and clean , to use natural and environmental friendly materials, to preserve Balinese culture, to help Balinese people with additional income and do something against foreign influence, which might destruct Balinese identity. We are fully that it turns out to be the war of David against Goliath, especially on the background of two Bombs in Bali (2002, 2004), continuous American and Australian travel warnings, CNN featuring Bali as a dangerous place, an international community which still has a deep suspicion on Indonesia and Bali and the latest depression, caused by the subprime rate credit faults in the USA and its worldwide consequences.

Villa “Puri Dewata” should also become a bridge in cross cultural communication and was initially build to be a guesthouse for foreign development experts in Indonesia . But it turned out to be the wrong target group, as many development agencies, who were actually in favour of neo liberalism .were not supporting our goals (especially the protestant church development agency of Germany). But later on many guests from the field of business, long term tourists and culturally interested people from UK, USA, Canada, France, Holland, Singapore, Malaysia and Belgium came to visit Villa “Puri Dewata”

“Puri Dewata” means “home of the gods” and in deed as Bali is called “Pulau Dewata” (“Isle of Gods”) many things on this green and hindu isle in the midst of the Pacific Ocean reminds us on paradise and the beauty and harmony of the surrounding. But to be realistic, Bali is also a society in transition, on the crossroad of different cultures, between the “epoche” of post modern and traditional society, on the edge of agriculture livelihood, tourism and industrialism. But maybe Villa “Puri Dewata” can offer you an unique holiday, if you look for some tranquility to reflect on your holidays between beautiful paddy fields in its abundant colors, very quiet and away from the huzlebuzle of Kuta, not far away (10 minutes) from the beach, you will have the opportunity to to have a rest or to enjoy outdoor facilities as to try Indonesian and Balinese cuisine not far from the hotel.

We wish you a nice stay in Bali …Om swastiastu



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